Antenna upgrade for caddx vista air unit

Hi guys,

What would be a good 5.8ghz LHCP antenna upgrade for the caddx vista air unit?

I was having a stock Caddx polar vista antenna but it isn’t working well and I am receiving very bad signal from it.

I’m no expert but I have to ask first, are you sure both sending and receiving antennae have the same polarisation? I.E. both LHCP?

There is no way to say if my caddx vista polar antenna is LHCP or RHCP.
But the receiver antenna in my goggles in LHCP.

If one is Right Hand Circular Polarisation and the other is Left Hand, you could get poor signal. I don’t know how to tell what kind your unknown one is, somebody with more knowledge will be along soon with better help.

EDIT: a Google search says it’s probably LHCP.

I can hear rattling noise in the polar antenna of the Caddx vista. Might be a damaged antenna I guess.

All DJI air units/vistas are LHCP. You can always get a ufl to sma pigtail and then use Any LHCP antenna :+1:t2:

or a LHCP ufl antenna. True RC are good :+1:t2:

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Hobby RC has one made by Caddx for this purpose so you should be good with that one.

similar one is:

alternatively, this, i believe, is what DeanoG60 was referring too

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The stock caddx Walksnail ones aren’t great. I ordered a few true RC lhcp ufl ones (adding pigtails is best avoided if possible as it reduces the signal, though can help protect the fragile UFL connector on the vista). Make sure you double zip tie any antenna onto a quad! Saves the vista/VTX heh