no, never gone that low.


Interesting. Not had much practical experience experimenting. I find that the orientation of the drone can shield the signal. Pain in the arse. The laws say you cant transmit above 25mw (i think). But the receiver can have as much gain as you can carry.


Lower frequency has better penetration doesnt it? Might look at 2.4 or 1.3. Just to try…


I was lucky enough to buy loads of connectors and cables from china.
2.4 are good, 1.2 are too big to have for FPV.


5.8 are normally used for FPV


Long range fpv runs over 2.4 but you need to move the control link from 2.4 to something like crossfire.

But anyway…

Hawkbury on the hard standing tomorow. Wing is ready for maiden, hornet is fixed. Lipos on charge (only charging 7 for tomorow)

Roll on 2pm :slight_smile:


Antennas came. Better work! Its big enough.


Wow that’s quite a patch antenna!

You might want to take a look at menacerc they make brilliant antennas…

I’m using this patch


Ive got a similar 14dBi patch, works quite well far out if you keep your head trained on drone.

My go to diversity setup is generally a cloverleaf and triple feed patch. Find that works best for my flying style as dont venture too far.


I can’t wait till my kids have jobs and stop bleeding me dry so I can buy more batteries.


my 2 quads for today…
Can’t wait to get out later


How do you find the low esr cap mounted like that? It always worried me on mine but wasnt really an issue.

Is it an FCHUB-VTX by any chance?


The hornet (red props) is the matek f405-Osd with the vtx pdb, spedix gs30 esc and deadpool motors

The dingo 6” (blue props) is matek f405aio with wraith 35a esc, RunCam split 2, irc tramp and booty motors.

Not had an issue with the cap at any point. I have thought about moving it but tbh I just can’t be bothered


Be great to see proper flying. I’m pretty kak.


Thats the setup I had in my lost quad.

Hows the F405AIO? I remember reading about yaw twitch in early models.

I like matek stuff and would probably go for an AIO when I build the next one. Like the idea of having room on stack for a runcam split I didnt have with the seperate fc and pbd.


Well touch wood it’s been fine as far as the yaw twitch has gone, certainly not had the issue tho it was a concern at first. RunCam split 2 is alright, my fkyings not good enough to notice the lag it has.

As to “proper flying” errm I’m not exactly good, my mate bob who’s meeting me today (I have invited him to the forum) is far far better than me, but he doesn’t have kids to get in the way lol.


You both flew pretty good to me! Thanks for letting me try your quad. You got some nice kit there.


Nice to meet you dude! I have done a little bit of research on printed frames and the oscillating problem you have is not really solveable.

That being said you could transfer the motors esc fc vtx combo to a 5” really easily


Cheers man. I will leave this one as it is and build a 5 inch one with new bits. Thanks again for the rate training!


Acro trainer mode gives you just a taste of what you can do. If you want to get some practice then take a look at liftoff on steam it’s just about muscle memory really.

If you want some build tips then let me know :slight_smile: