Any Drone Footage of Dawlish Warren 2017?

I know the Dawlish Warren is now a no fly zone but I was just seeing if anyone has any links to, or has any footage of the dawlish warren beach recharge between June and August of 2017. Ive exhausted all the image galleries and YouTube’d everything I possibly can. Any clips or images or help you can provide would be a great help.

There are a couple of bits of 2017 on YouTube but it’s not of the actual works being done.

Hope this is in the right section, all the best, many thanks.


Welcome to GADC @Mike71

The nature reserve does not automatically make it a restricted area

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Yeah I’ve just looked as well, in fact by the looks of it most of the beach passed red rock is crown estate foreshore so drone flights are permitted for take off and landing.

I would say it’s extremely drone friendly loads of places for take off and landing on the foreshore and zero airspace restrictions. :+1:t2:

And loads of recent flights on YT too

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@Mike71 grab your drone and send it :+1:t2: you’re all good to get some updated shots/videos :grin:

Thanks guys, thanks for the information on the crown land. Its a beautiful area down here, and it would be great if there are any images or footage of that beach project. Hopefully my drone won’t be too far away in arriving … :+1:

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As above, there’s not a single airspace restriction in place until you get way up near Exeter airport.

You’re good to fly :+1:t2:

Being nosey, can I ask why you’re looking for the footage from this period?

I work at the docks in Exmouth and on the Estuary. We’ve always been interested in mapping our mussel beds using drones from the boat on the right days when water is clear.

I also love walking and taking pictures of the surrounding area with my family like everyone else but I would also like to explore the relms of drone photography too. It’s something that really interests me, but with what seems to be a minefield of laws and regulations I’m a bit apprehensive to go for it yet.

As regards to the beach recharge footage and pictures I’m trying to find certain angles and phases of the project with machinery and wildlife in it. Mainly at the ‘neck’ phase of the project.

Cheers again.

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