Any issues with DJI GO 4.3.32 (released 30/01/20)?

So has anyone experienced any issues with the most recent DJI update on an iPhone 7?

Are you referring to an app update? If so, please provide the version number and we will add it to the topic title.


What issues you having Alex, or debating updating.

Maybe time for an upgrade, the 7 is quite dated

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Just debating hmm it’s still working though so not really got a reason too

The only change that people have noticed is an annoying “You may be flying out of VLOS” popup when you fly at a distance of over 500m, and a similar 400ft altitude popup too.
You may consider turning off app auto-updates before installing this one. I turned them off back in 2017.

Well, I don’t go over 500m away or over 400ft in altitude

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