Any tips on were to start, what to study, when and were to apply for a PfCO?

Hi iv just purchased typhoon h pro and thinking of taking test for CAA.
Any tips on were to start, what to study, when and were to apply. I live in Hartlepool and im a member of Bmfa with a place i can fly legaly without up setting i can get some practice in. I am wanting to take Test.but wondering what i should study for therory and the test. Can you give pointers or any help ta.

Hi @Porky and welcome to Grey Arrows.

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Hi Porky, I am just a hobbies flyer who wanted to do it properly. After watching some YouTube videos of people who have taken the pfco course, I thought this is for me, doing it right. I found the course does not make you a better flyer but makes you think before you do fly, is it safe?
Since taking the course, I certainly have a bit more confidence in knowing I am doing it as safely as possible. The last time I went out I even enjoyed it more.
Look at YouTube videos of people who have done it, research on the forums and speak to people in the Bmfa. I believe you can get a route through them which is cheaper, as it is a lot of money.
Will I actually use my pfco to make money? I doubt it but it’s there if I want to push myself for it.
Good luck in whatever you decide and remember, research research research.

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I would be tempted to hold off doing the PFCO course. There are changes afoot coming from the CAA which may render the pfco a waste of money. The pfco course, while useful, is really aimed at people who wish to sell their photographs or set up a drone business.
There is a yearly renewal fee as well which has to be factored in.
If you are a hobbyist, then follow the drone code and you can’t go far wrong. The CAA are planning an online drone pilot test towards the end of the year, for all pilots which seems to be doing away with the need for pfco. Which after all is only a permission for commercial operations.

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I think Brian’s advice is good. Have just read CAP 1789 and it MAY negate your proposed exam.