Any website to identify a point location for a NOTAM in Portugal?

I have been approved to fly and take photos in Portugal - but there is a NOTAM at 370512N 0082633W but I am struggling to find a map to locate the location.

Any useful websites to locate the location?

As it is only 1NM radius, it is not a massive problem - but sods law, I would find that one location!


Just put that grid ref in Google maps. It’s in the middle of the Mediterranean.

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Google Earth
Put grid ref. - search

Two mistakes there.

The first three digits of E/W are the degrees so, at best, it would 8.2633W, not 0.82633W

Then one has to remember the other digits are minutes and seconds, not a decimal of degrees.

So, the correct representation of 370512N 0082633W is

37° 5’ 12 N 8° 26’ 33 W

… and, bingo! We’re in Portugal … as the question kind of anticipated. :wink:


Thanks all.

The original NOTAM is at

Can’t say I have seen one before, but not sure of they differ from ours or if they are universal.

Some of the content is different in different parts of the world, but the Q) line (and much of the other content) is universal. If not, how would a pilot from one country be able to read those in another country?

They came into use when radio was still in it’s infancy, and the format was designed to be consistent to better ensure correct reception of the NOTAM when transmitted in Morse Code.
The age of the format is also why the Latitude/Longitude is given in ddmmss N/S dddmmss E/W format since, prior to computerisation, coordinates were (almost) never in decimal-of-degree (or minute) formats.

(Only 2 digits of degrees Latitude are given since it never goes above 90, but there are ALWAYS 3 digits of degrees Longitude to provide for the max 180 … even if the first two are zeroes, as in this case.)

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Just found this that may be of interest :


Always good to learn!

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Thanks for the help above, Sadly after sorting all my permissions to fly we had to scrap the holiday.

Now is McDonald’s open on Christmas Day? :joy: :joy:

McDonalds NOTAM
N o
This Christmas Day