Anybody got a Hubsan Zino Mini, pro or SE?

Hi, guys,

These drones look very interesting in reviews, the SE seems particularly good value. Re the ‘pro’ version, I’m not bothered about the collision avoidance, and it would seem that not having the FPV available prior to flight can delay setting up some features. But I understand the controller is physically almost identical for both models.

The long flight time is very interesting - effectively more than twice that of my Fimi A3. And although I can fly under Article 16, the regs are still very limiting for an over 250g drone. How long the sub 250g freedom will last is of course anyone’s guess. But also in their favour is the compact dimensions for getting out and about.

So if anyone has one of these drones, please could you measure the gap for the phone on the controller when fully extended - that’s information that never seems to appear in manuals or reviews. No good telling me that a particular make/model of phone fits, what I need is the actual measurement.

Thanks in anticipation

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Has anyone got a Zino mini Pro? , I’m looking through YouTube and the Reviews are mixed some quite negative,it seems the latest update has sorted a few things, but maybe wait to see what the mini 3 is about

Only seen reviews, and like you say, majority of the ones I saw were negative with a lot of features disabled and coming soon. Many of those reviewers don’t seem to have bothered with follow up videos so make of that what you will.

The total USEABLE gap is 78mm which includes the soft rubber grips.
A lot of the features that were left out of the original release of the ZINO, seem to be implemented with new releases of the firmware.

Thanks for the info. I’ve been keeping tabs on the SE, looking good. And now my wife has a new iphone I’ve inherited her old one. No SIM card of course, but it happily runs the Hubsan 2 app. So I’ve now got no excuse for not buying the drone :wink: