Anybody Located in The Wash Area?

A colleague at work has some issues with his chimney, does anybody leave in the wash area who could help him out? Looking for some images of the chimney.

Give us a clue where, The Wash is a bloody big area !.

Apologies Chris, he is the Holbeach area

The only person I know of in that area is @Rob , who is in Wisbech.
Not saying he would do it !.
You about Rob?.

Peek a Boo Chris:grin:


Hello, message via Chris re chimney issue? Not sure if I would be any help but details would be helpful to kick-off with. Wisbech based so not a million miles away Scub. :+1:

Thought you had gone on a canoeing adventure down the R Nene !

I wish Chris. just sold one canoe & gifting the other one to my son in Norfolk, that way I get to paddle the Broads so all good. Added another motorbike to my stable but grandkids are invading during the school hols so I have to be a credit to family atm. Everything tickity boo with you & yours? Stay cool. Rob

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Yeah, everything’s fine!, you getting it up a lot… the Mavic Air that is !.:laughing:

Have to let me know when you are down this way for a paddle, then I can come video you with the drone !.

Take a bottle of fairy liquid Chris,just in case you you decide to take your drone FOR a wash!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Wont be for a while but I like the idea. Autumn most likely.