Anyone else have a JJRC X9 Heron?

Does anyone else have a JJRC X9 heron?
Or should I phrase that: Is anyone willing to admit to owning a JJRC X9 Heron?

Cards on the table, I love it. I know its cheap and nasty, with a camera that is just about worth the description, but its a plucky little fellow, it does most things reasonably well, and its light enough to carry around speculatively on the off-chance I’ll come across an opportunity to use it.

My only problem is that the manual is woeful and manufacturer support is non-existant, so I’d be interested in comparing notes with anyone else who has one. I’ve worked a lot of things out by trial and error and still more by subjecting the Chinese labels to the scrutiny of google translate, but much still remains a mystery…

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Can I assume from the crushing silence that I’m in the minority? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not every member logs on every day. :wink:

(But probably. :slight_smile: )

Welcome Renyn, I don’t own the X9 Heron but I’m interested in how you got on with it.
I follow this person on YT and he has done a couple of videos on it so he may be able to help you.

I have the Fimi X8se and I’m also in a minority of 1. I notice that you have a DJI Mavic and you aren’t alone on this site.

Good luck in your search for help.

I dont own the M2P but I do often fly one. My own drone pales in comparison. There is an M2P in my future, but not quite yet.


We all have start somewhere, I looked a Mavic but could afford or justify it (to my better half) so I researched alot and I opted for the Xiaomi fimi x8se which is a 4k gps drone when it was under £400 delivered and I love flying it.
My other quad was a JJRC H36 and I used it to learn the controls and crashed/repaired it quite a few times.

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The Heron does everything the big drones do – within limits – one cannot forget the fact that it is less than £200. The main thing I’m enjoying so far is the fact that it is so light and can be charged from a powerbank, so you can sling in in the car on the off-chance. It is not necessary to plan the trip like a NASA mission to ensure all the equipment is prepped.

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I remember when I got my original Mavic oh so long ago! :wink:

I went from idly browsing YouTube wondering if quadcopters have moved on since I had my QX350 - 1hr later I’d decide on a Phantom - next thing I know I’m ordering a Mavic, (Guess I blacked out :wink: ):man_shrugging:

Several upgrades, downgrades, sideways moves, regretted sales and re-purchases later I end up with an M2 Zoom

Now I find we’ve all had a free name-upgrade and I actually own a Drone! How cool is that :man_facepalming:


What’s the distance the x9 heron can go from the transmitter?

In the UK it seems to cap itself to 200m. It will go further if you are somewhere else.

It’s a small drone anyway. And its quiet. Past 200m I can’t see or hear it, so it’s enough.
OFC as it gain experience and confidence, that opinion may change.

Play around with fitting a different antenna on it, you will over double it’s range.

The radio has much more range than 200m. The drone just wont go any further away than that. There is some sort of location based limits in the software. Won’t exceed 400ft height either, which is probably a good thing.

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My friend @mrc123 had one of those blackouts :slight_smile:


Had it in beginner mode…


I’ve just stumbled across this Topic and so glad I did it made for very interesting reading Thanks for being brave enough to post (not everyone can afford or want to pay top money)

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I recently purchased a JJRC X9P after a fair amount of research carried out on my part. From the videos and reviews it was a decent little flyer for the price and a great choice considering I was new to drones.

It came but I have had some trouble getting it off the ground! The lights flash red and blue, changing to a solid blue after a while. Still not in the air!

Tried indoor, outdoor, with my phone, without my phone, with the controller on and off. Still nothing.

I apologise if this is a completely amatuer issue but I can’t find any decent help anywhere on the web about this issue!

Appreciate the help!

Did you carry out the calibration procedure, rotate 3 times horizontally, 3 times vertically?.
Also check that you have binded the controller correctly.

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I bought one after seeing the amazing reviews, sadly it was defective and never connected to GPS which didn’t really inspire me to fly it particularly far or often. Rubbish battery life too, upgraded to a Mavic Mini and never looked back!