Anyone fancying FCC in europe?


Title: “How to switch to FCC mode in 60 seconds …”
Video length : 5:39.

Thanks for the post.

What’s the benefit of doing this?

It increases the transmitter power, and hence both quality of connection at “usual” range, and also range.
It’s …errr … illegal … in the UK/EU …
So’s driving at 71mph on a motorway … :wink:


I searched for ‘Floater’ on Google and I’m not going to tell you the results that came back

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No need for floater or config alteration anymore…

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Ah cool. I’m using iOS…no floater app on AppStore

this does not work for the mavic pro, tried it myself, seen a post saying works with air and spark as they are Enhanced WiFi devices.

Works perfectly with MA.

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Used the same method in the video posted by OP. Worked perfectly for me and made a huge difference with my DJI Spark, with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and RC. 120m up and 100m out, not a hint of the usual signal drops, image transmission issues, etc. This method is good as it doesn’t require unsung modified apps, etc.