Anyone fly Easyjet with a drone during 2021?

I’m flying from Glasgow to Bristol in a couple of weeks and wondered If I’m likely to experience any hassle if I take my Mini 2 and spare batteries? (no hold luggage.)
They’ve reduced the size of cabin bags again so it will probably mean I’ll have to wear my underwear for 4 days.
Or should I leave the drone at home? There are no fish farms in Bristol!

Book a seat up front and get a drag on as well as daybag.

No issues with with the drone.

Unless they’ve changed their policy since 2020 you should be fine. I took my Mavic 2 Pro + spare battery with them as carry-on Belfast to Glasgow in February last year with no issues.

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Yeah but that’s an extra tenner each way and at the moment I’m doing the round trip for £45. :laughing:

I’ve flown regularly with Easyjet from Liverpool to Belfast no problem :+1::grin:
Only the one time I had to completely unpack the drone bag at security :roll_eyes:

Thanks Eugene. :+1:

I usually have all my gadgets in a rucksack. When they see all the batteries & wires as it goes through the x-ray machine I inevitably get ‘pulled’ for a check. :slightly_frowning_face:

Tight @ash2020 is carrying all he owns in rucksack.

Never seen no drones allowed at Heathrow T5 - I wonder who will be the first to fly one in there!!

:rofl: No I’m not, my other drone and spare underpants are staying at home!

You are supposed to ask the airline for there policy as per CAA regulations

Lipo batteries should be put in to special lipo bags and terminals should be covered with electrical tape and only 2 individual protected batteries are allowed

Thanks Andrew. I would love to be able to speak to a real person at Easyjet but it’s not quite that easy these days.

I’m reading it as any Lithium ion batteries over 100Wh up to 160Wh, but the Mini 2 is only 17Wh. I’ll put them in pouches anyway.

I had no problem taking some smaller FPV drone gear with me to Cyprus and back a week or so ago, admittedly the drone/s were in hold but the goggles, controller and 8 batteries (in a fire safe bag) were all in a cabin backpack.

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No problem Bristol/ Malta a few weeks ago. Only took 2 batteries in fireproof case with drone in rucksack . No additional checks at security, with easyJet either way.

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Did the Glasgow - Bristol trip and back without even a comment from anyone. Sadly, I didn’t get chance to fly when I was down there.
The only thing was a vernier gauge that my son gave me caused a security question on the way back. I suppose I could have pushed it all the way out and stabbed the pilot with it. (and measured precisely how far it went in!)

Some places are funny about tools in handheld luggage, I once had a spanner confiscated coming back from Poland (they missed the Swiss Army knife however).

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