Anyone had a broken Mavic Air battery clip?


Hi all. About a month ago I had a short flight and after landing found that the battery was missing the top of one of the clips. It’s a miracle the battery didn’t fall off in the air!

I sent it back to Heliguy (brilliant company) who sent it on to DJI. I’ve now had a message that DJI won’t repair it under warranty because of “cosmetic damage”. Evidently the battery clip is broken! Duh!

Heliguy are going to try and explain to them that the reason the battery is with them is because the battery clip came off!

Anbody else had a similar experience? I don’t know what to do if they say no again. Here’s a picture sent from DJI.


I believe the battery clips are a well documented area of concern. There have been numerous accounts of batteries falling out. Quite a few were down to not making sure the battery wasn’t clipped in correctly but a number were found to have broken clips. Have a trawl thro you tube and there some evidence on there.
I’m currently in Market Bosworth having a few days away so can’t find a link for you


DJI seem to use any excuse!

Mine went back for a gimbal fault (in association with filters), but they declined it because of a small scratch on the base.

That happens, when flying off jagged rocks on the coast. But they refused to accept any warranty liability … or to even actually comment a single word on the gimbal issue.


Thanks Brian, I’ll have a look.


Thanks Dave. I’ve just had a request from DJI to submit the “crash data” by syncing the flight logs.

I’ve already told them that it was like that when I landed, there was no crash!

Do you think there would be a problem letting them have all my flight data. I don’t actually remember which flight it was, as it was before Xmas. I suppose I can just send them the one I think it might have been. I’m proud to say I haven’t crashed it once.


I can only imagine they’ll use anything to wriggle out. So the more they have the more they’ll be able to wriggle.

They claimed that from the data they knew mine had crashed (which it hadn’t), so I asked them to advise me of the date, time and location of the crash occurred, since they obviously knew more than me.
For whatever reason (probably that it hadn’t) they were unable to advise me.

I got sufficiently pissed off with them I just asked for my MP to be sent back to me.

The gimbal issue continued to exist, last time I used filters … but since then I’ve replaced the gimbal (with a very cheap s/h one from China, via eBay) … so this thread has been a good reminder for me to test again.


That’s a good point. I will send them the one flight I think it was.

I must say I find it very odd that such a successful company are nitpicking, instead of valuing their loyal customers. With so many new drones coming on the market there is an even bigger chance that people will desert DJI when it comes to their next purchase.


Dave, I remember where the flight was but i don’t remember the date. Is there an easy way I can find the flight log that applies?


This might be a good use of a free account on AirData … you can upload up to 100 flights at a time and easily see where each is.


Brilliant Dave. I forgot, I already set up an account. Thanks for the reminder. What would a “crash” look like in a log? What about a slightly less than soft landing?


In the log data I’ve not detected how a crash shows up.
I think there’s data in the logs that haven’t been fully deciphered.

When they said mine had crashed, they had the whole MP … so there could be other data onboard that detects inertial extremes what they’ve misinterpreted. But if so, what they consider an extreme is unknown … AFAIK.


I uploaded 6 months of flight logs (against my better judgement) so they can see all the flights with battery no. 3. Just waiting now.




Dum de dum de dum… still waiting! At least they haven’t dismissed it this time.