Anyone know about this Mavic Pro battery modification?


I saw this on the modding group on Facebook, they reckon that you can fly 30km on a charge.
Not for me I have to say, I’d rather stay genuine and relatively safe, just thought it was interesting.

It looks more 3D printed in this photo.


This is @My-Mavic-My-Rules kind of territory. :wink:


Yes saw this somewhere but can’t remember where @OzoneVibe you.may be right mate


MMMR used to strap extra batteries to the side, IIRC.


I panick when it flies 500 m away and VLOS is lost so 30 km is completely out ofbound for me


Any more info on this? Looks like a combination of Lipo and 18650 Li-Ion.


Someone’s after the Accessorryitis badge! :wink:


looks like its got your led props @OzoneVibe


Nope - the centre of the props is a lot larger for the battery.


perhaps they are better ones then with smaller batteries in Dave :wink: :joy:


They just look like normal MP props.


Your not biting are you lol


Had to look twice at that pic,at first i thought DJI had released some kind of addition to mavic range:grinning::grinning:


@callum, if you do FB here is the link to the group.

And the battery.