Anyone Looking for a Cheap Landing Pad?



I use mine for cheap cinema tickets, prime, discount on amazon basics stuff and used to get spotify half price although that’s no longer available.


Bought mine on Amazon, arrived next day. Surprisingly well made and large. Free postage on prime.


Welcome Doug to the Forum !.
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But we ALL have one love in common (and I ain’t talking of the wife!) drones !.
and more or less, any other subject you care to want to talk about !.
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Thank you Chris, already posted a begginer’s question about my set up.
Just going for a fly on the seafront at HAYLING Island. No wind, sunny and warm.


Aren’t landing pads so yesterday? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hand launching and hand catching :100:


@TassyWass, so they might be, but I want ten fingers and 2 eyes tomorrow as well ! :pray:
And while your at it, tell that to the Guy on this Forum who nearly took his eye out a couple of weeks ago, with his drone !.


Just be wary, they are cracking down on this Mrs has had 4 years and then had to prove her course, I’m now on my 4 years worth, we both work for a University and have addresses


Who’s cracking down?
I could get a new iMac with student discount Mmm off to look now…


What’s unidays anyone?




So you get the commission NEVER…




The UNiDAYS discount is 10% and the freshers deal of a nice pair of beats is tempting . But with the iMac range up for upgrade (rumoured) it might be better to wait.

My previous 3 MacBooks all came with 20% discount and 3 years AppleCare included. Shame Apple changed to the UNiDAYS discount of 10%


Thanks chris
We all lived in hope my 2011 27” iMac is no longer updatable so am poised to buy a newer one
They released the iMac Pro last year so it maybe next year before they upgrade anything
The was an article yesterday saying the new phone had a similar performance as the 13” MacBook Pro but I can’t do FCPX on a phone not with these eyes anyway


Ah, whip it down here , i’ll soon stick a new mb in it, new cpu, RAM, and wallah !!.
Been building these things since the days of 486 SX 25 , with 4 mb of RAM, and a massive 170 mb hard drive !!! and it’s still in the loft in full working condition.


I have windows machine when I remember to turn it on it requires 2 brews a shopping trip and a bath before all the updates are installed
Not so with the iMac it just works ( expensive though it is)


The only difference between a Mac and a PC is the operating system.
This machine is dual boot SS drives, windows 7 pro (stick 10 up ya ass) and Mac Operating System OS X


My first pc was bought from escom back in the mid 90s
Then started building myself (that’s where all my money went for that extra FPS
my first pc was a 486 with sound card and CD-ROM and 4 meg of ram and a 14400 modem not much change out of grand


Can beat that “Time” Computer cost £1,700, windows 3.11, IBM Thinkpad, 1992


god bless the 14400 modems ! 4 bps (if you were lucky )