Anyone Looking for a Cheap Landing Pad?


Here’s a cheap landing Pad from Amazon on there “Deal Of The Day”




At that price I found you persuaded me to buy one :laughing:


From China?


I think it’s in this country, Manchester, according to the seller it should arrive within 5 days, ones listed in China were cheaper still.


Had that before on Ebay !, say they are based in UK , then wait 3 weeks for it !.
Then you look at sellers address ! Shenzen !


I’ve ordered loads of stuff like this, also ordered loads from China, If I have had any issues in the past I get the money back, 99% of the time though I have no issues.


To confess, I have also bought many things the same way, but Ebay’s policy stinks in comparison to Amazon’s
Not saying they are perfect !, but I am of the thinking that, I’d rather pay a couple of quid more for something, and get it the next day !.


If I had prime then maybe, I’m too tight to pay the £70 or whatever it is though :rofl:


You should do like loads of others do, sign up for the 30 day trial, then cancel it !.
Then they sometimes give you another 30 days free !.
My boy always does that near Christmas, and gets all his pressies for other people delivered free, tight little git !


You want to get yourself an NUS card.

6 months free prime and then half price for as long as you have it.


Yeah, I did that by mistake when I bought the 3D printer, knowing my luck I’d forget to cancel it :laughing:


NUS card?


I think I am beyond the age for Higher Education , Callum !!


National Union of Students


Student card.

A lot of people sign up for £10 online courses to be eligible and buy a 3 year card. They don’t check status anyway.


Handy to know !


I know people well into their sixties that have one :wink:

Never too old to learn.


Oh, right, it’s easier to sign up for the 30-day trial I think :zipper_mouth_face:


Does PfCO Course entitle you to it? :wink:
Now there’s a point !