Anyone now how to get a lock nut

i’m after a nut for this motor guys

Looking at the spec for the shaft I’d say that the thread will be M4

Plenty available on Amazon @Big-D for penny’s

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Spec says 4mm shaft. If it’s the nylon locking type you need these should be readily available amazon etc.

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Although the spec says the motor shaft is 4mm I think you’ll find the prop shaft above the bell is 5mm and threaded M5.
Check it by putting a vernier across the thread, you should expect a measurement of 4.8/4.9mm
If this is the case, try the two links below, note that if the prop hub is thick and motor shaft is short (often the case these days) the low-profile version will be best

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:


Get flanged nuts like the links above. They have more surface area against the prop.

+1 for the flying tech low profile. I have them.

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+2 for flanged nuts

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what is the +1 and +2 for please

It’s just us agreeing that’s all

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r right ok thank you and im looking forward to your stream tonight to Wyntrblue at 8pm

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I would have thought the seller would know the answer

Most fpv stuff is built by the pilot. So parts choice is important.