Anyone removed this sticker?

Has anyone removed this sticker from the rear of the camera lens on the Mavic Pro gimbal?

I’m more than aware how fragile these gimbals are, not sure of the safest way to do it… I might even leave it there :open_mouth:

But if I do, it’ll play havoc with my OCD :rofl:

Have you removed yours?

Let your OCD loose!
I peeled mine off the moment I unboxed the Mavic. It’s only low-tack adhesive.

It was gone like a shot…

I read it protects the gimbal from scratches, but I too removed it off mine.

Took quite a bit of force to get it off

Pair of needle nosed pliers and some gentle persuasion should see it gone.

Removed with all the other labels at unboxing.


You’ve all removed it?!

What a bloody stupid place to put a sticker, right behind the gimbal.

Well, I caved in and very gently rolled the gimbal round so I could get to the sticker (drone powered off). I’m sure they stuck this on with superglue, it didn’t want to budge!

Then sods bloody law, it tore half way off!!

Out with the wifes tweezers… sigh

Sticker now gone.

If I get any gimbal errors on my next flight, I’m blaming each and every one of you :rofl:

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I left mine on. I like to be different

First thing I did was remove it

Why would they put a stupid yellow tab on it if they didn’t want it removed lol

I don’t know why they even put the sticker on there in the first place!! What’s the point of a sticker mounted on that part?! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I tried when I first opened but it was tough to grab so I just left it. It’s doing no harm

Still there…