Anyone Using a CrystalSky with their Mavic 2 Controller

Does anyone use their Mavic 2 controller with a CrystalSky?
Am really loving the CrystalSky Ultra, really easy to see the screen even in direct sunlight.
I would like to use a holder in the Mavic 2 controller that retains the CS quick release mounting.
Appreciate any advice

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The M2P/Z controller is (physically) identical to the MP controller - so this will apply equally to them, as well.

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Cheers Dave
I know on the Mavic 2 range they store the spare controller sticks under the folding arms, wasn’t sure if that would require a slightly modified mounting plate?

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Yeah - that minor detail is true. Detachable (aka “Losable”) sticks would really piss me off.

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Since getting my CS I’ve tinkered on my 3D printer to print my own simple design to mount a spare SC mount off eBay.


That looks like the perfect solution, I have a spare CS mount, so I would just need the actual 3D printed plate, how did you fasten the top fixing screw, did you use a captive nut or is the 3D material strong enough to thread and screw in to it?
Is that shown on a MP r/c? The M2P is very slightly different at the top edge where the sticks are stored, I believe

I’ve printed it at a high infill density, I think I printed it at 95% which enables the larger screw to self tap in to the plastic. The other end I just used longer screw to go through to the SC threads.

This particular mount lifted of the build plate at two corners which made them taper a bit but actually it made no difference to it fitting the arms.

I could print one out for you, although mine is based on a Mavic Pro, I’ll be supporting a friend ( 91 years old ) with his Mavic 2 in the next few days when we have a good day. I can check the compatibility then for the Mavic 2 controller.


Spot on Lance.
Any chance of buying one next time you have the printer on?
Still got your Paypal from the Inspire 2 mod that you did last time.
Will drop you a pm.
I love this site.

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Sure no worries mate, could you take some close up pictures of your controller like this area.


Will do Lance, I will post pics later on tonight, just out at the moment.
Thanks again, appreciate your help.

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Here you go Lance @Njoro
Sorry, I’m no David Bailey, let me know if you need more

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Thanks for the pictures, I can confirm that it will fit your Mavic 2.

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