Anyone using the Acer Iconia One 7?

I am finding my iPhone 7 (normal size) a little small and my iPad Pro Cellular (10.5" too big/heavy) for the Mavic, so was considering my options.

I have seen the Acer Iconia One 7 mentioned across a number of forums as being a good tablet for use with the Mavic - is anyone using one and care to share their experiences?

I understand the 780 model with the MediaTek processor is a good one to go for and has GPS so as long as I cache maps before flying I won’t really lose any functionality… Plus from Amazon they are only £65

I suppose the alternative is to buy an iPad mini, but that gets a bit more expensive as I would want the cellular version (for the GPS), so if the Acer is any good for this purpose that would be a bit of a result :slight_smile:

Micro SD Card slot (up to 128 GB)

Has a Micro SD card slot too, hmm very tempted

Mixed reviews though

Yeah I saw the reviews and I guess at that price it is to be expected.

Hopefully it would be good enough to run a single app. The screen resolution is fine (720p) and just about bright enough especially if used with a hood. It won’t fit into the controller handles, but I already have a mount.

Never used DJI Go on an Android devices and heard plenty of people saying it generally works better on Apple. Still might take a punt…

All my DJI app use has been on android, no fruit based devices in this house! In truth I gave up on my iPhone years ago when the battery life went through the floor. My OnePlus3t now lasts about two to three days!

For gps I just use my phone as a personal hotspot when I use my iPad mini 4. :+1:

If you buy it from Amazon you might be able to return it if you’re not happy with the battery life or the brightness?

Interesting! I thought the phone would provide internet access only, didn’t realise it would share its GPS location over the same connection - good to know!

I purchased the Acer and am not particularly impressed, but it is cheap. The screen is quite reflective and the device overall is a bit slow. However, it does quite a good job of running Go )but is slow to load) and doesn’t seem laggy, but very occasionally I get a tiny bit of image break up.

If you look at your flight records it seems to really struggle with performance. The other thing I’m not keen on is that it only just fits in the controller handles, feels more like it should be in a tablet holder but then this adds yet more bulk…

I think I will go back to my iPhone which despite a small screen is very good.

It doesn’t share it bud. One the iPad has connection to my phone it uses its own gps through the app. :+1:

So I’m bringing this thread back to life it say that the Acer iconia is now useless, as of the latest DJI Go Update. There is so much lag and break up that it’s not funny, I switched straight over to my iPhone and it was perfect.

Thankfully the Acer is within the return period is it is going back and I will stick with my iPhone, although would prefer a slightly larger screen but that can wait.

Wow… sorry to hear it’s going back, but glad you’re still able to return it :+1:

Thanks for the update too!

This post really does show the value of the GADC to all its members .

Thank you @Jcborden @PingSpike @Ashmav @SteveM @ukbob @Waylander