Anything brighter than Strobon CREE LEDs these days?

I was just about to order a couple of Strobon CREE LEDs from Flytron and while hovering over the ‘Add to cart’ button I started thinking…

Is there anything better (ie. brighter) out there these days?

I’m not sure there is, if I turn on the CREEs on my Mavic and don’t shut my eyes first, I end up seeing white spots for the next half hour :rofl:

Anyone using anything bigger / better / brighter?

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Not sure about brighter ones but since you have an inspire you’ve got more options.

Instead of standalone you could use the ones without internal batteries and run them all off a small lipo.

This also looks good

Edit - Actually might not be as bright as the Cree versions and not sure what’s needed to control it.


Also looks a bit perma-mount too, rather than something I can just attach when needed.

I’ll use my Mavic Strobons for now I think, rather than buying more. I saw a mention a while back about an alternative but I can’t find the post now.

I think I know the ones your meaning, can’t remember either.

Can’t beat the cree strobons to be honest and if you’ve already got them it’s a no brainer.

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Do you only use the Strobons for evening flights ?

I use mine on every flight mate, makes the Mavic soooooo much easier to see, even in broad daylight :+1:


Ah cool, how long do the batteries last on them ? and you said you attach 2 of them to you drone right ?

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Batteries seem to last forever on each charge! I tend not to monitor the charging of them though, I just charge them up at the same time I charge everything else :slight_smile:

I have two on the Mavic, one attached to each rear arm. I have one facing forwards and the other facing backwards, my theory being I should then be able to see it, no matter which way it’s facing.

Mine are both white but some people use one green and one red, which I think helps them with the orientation :+1:

If you’re after some, we have a GADC discount arrangement in place with Flytron, details:


It may have been these ‘ARC II’ that I was thinking of? :thinking:

It’s got four LEDs on it…


Does that make it any brighter?

I mean, if I’m looking at a 100w light bulb from 400ft away and someone turns on another 100w light bulb right next to it, I’m still only seeing 100 watts, right?

I’m not screaming ‘ARGH! MY EYES!!’

Erm… does that make sense?!


I just bought a pair using the code :+1:

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That’s the ones mate.

I think the 4 leds can give different effects like a strobe with a sight delay between them.

Good question. Wattage is power consumed so think of it in terms of lumens. If 1 Led measures 1000 lumens, all 4 pointed in same direction wont be any brighter.


My poorly explained logic wasn’t flawed then :blush:

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Could these be fitted to the Mavic Air battery so they could be seen from underneath at distance?

I don’t see why not, you should be able to fit them to anything.

Definitely Paul. I use Velcro and switch them between drones. The cree standalone version are small and light so can be stuck on almost anywhere.

Flytron sell small squares of 3M dual lock,

Ideal if you don’t want to buy loads.

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Nice on @callum Looks like I will invest in one, the MA is hard to see at distance so hoping these will help

Should definitely help.

In bright daylight I find its easier to find the MP again after looking away, the flashing stands out in an otherwise featureless sky. Twilight you can see it much further and at night you can easily see it a mile away.

Little tip, point it away from you when you switch it on :wink:

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Don’t forget the GADC discount code :wink:


Ordered… and used the code :slight_smile: