Anything happening in the Hull area

I know there was a meet last year up near the bridge - is anything planned for 2023?

There probably will be , we’ve done meets there for the past few years.

Usually start at the Barton side of the bridge and then move into St Andrews Quay (Lord Line)

Feel free to put some dates forward :wink:

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It’ll depend on the weather - it’s been a bit rubbish the last few days… bit too windy… but April is always a good month…

Sunday 9th ??

Do I have to start a new topic? Not sure how this works yet…

All been well I’m up for it. I think this should be posted in meetups


Post a new thread in meets

I’ll be on holiday that weekend, isn’t it Easter Sunday ?

Your right chris it it is easter sunday .nothing going on in hull as far as i know . Il do some digging.

I think Chris was referring to members up for a meet over easter as some might be away or with family :+1:

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Hull is a nice ride out for me from Middlesbrough. I might come down and meet up.