AOS DJI03 on 6S Quad chasing AlbaBird plane

Today @notveryprettyboy @gunja99 and I were at our club flying field. It was a beautiful day.
Martin, took his AOS DJI03 6S Quad into the skies to chase my ‘SteveAir’ AlbaBird plane. He didn’t lose me too meny times :laughing:


Impressive chase skills @gunja99 :smiley:

Cheers. Was too scared to get too close as love Stevie’s plane. Love plane chasing tbh! Nice to get start to finish heh with take off and landing!

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You chose the song wisely :star_struck:


One of my classics, when I drove my first car, throttle went down extra 20% when this came on the stereo!
Cat Stevens ‘Matthew and Son’ had the same effect :laughing:

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How fast is the plane going?

Max recorded 119kph = 74mph
It’s a cruiser rather than a sports acrobatic plane


It’s not a quicky one I should have been closer tbh… Booo

The output from the O3… I want more…

Anyways want a load of HDzero gear? :rofl::rofl::rofl: Find my new found love of O3?


Excellent video. My heavy foot appears when “Out In The Fields” By Phil Lynott And Thin Lizzy Album comes on. I ended up banning myself listening to it in the car.


It does look so nice in the sky from a drone perspective

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Yes, this bird and the SM Binary are both graceful flyers :+1:

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So smooth it was nice to watch. Nice when it was side on and close up. I had to film some model planes and it was pretty close when a plane disguised as a shark came flying towards the drone. It was a bit of free for all though. There were quite a few planes in the air at the time.

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Nice flying. A good match for speed meant you could chase very well indeed. :+1:

Not so sure about the quality of the O3 video however. :wink: Maybe because it was downgraded to 1080p and Youtube mucked it up.

Good music though! :slight_smile:

I can render at 4K if anybody wants to compare :smile:

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4K version here… Dropbox - Martin Chase Albabird 4K.mp4 - Simplify your life
Be sure to download the file locally before playing, this way no YT crappiness :+1:

Looks much better, maybe we should just share files instead of using YouTube :thinking:

If you upload the 4k to youtube it’ll look fine.

let’s see :slight_smile:

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Both now seem good to me! Good clear images. The Youtube at 4K is as good as the original file.

I see two improvements that could be made, if you could be bothered!

  1. Frame rate seems choppy
  2. Colour grading… :slight_smile:

Oh meh meh meh… Wait till the one I’m uploading now… Poor josh… lol

Yours or someone else’s Martin?