Apex 4

Had the Apex out of action for a good few weeks now due to it flipping out when you increase the throttle.

This happened after I crashed it, to date Iv check the props which were all good. Iv now stripped it back to the frame checked all the motors they look fine free moving in fact not a scratch on them.

Cleaned all the boards up and inspected under a magnified glass with nothing obvious showing. Iv yet to test the fets but could this be a software/setting thing ? something I could plug into BF to resolve?..

I’d check your accelerometer and gyro in bf configurator.

Ok did some youtubing and found something regarding accelerometer and gyro, they ref as greying out as below

I had none of this so at a dead end at mo, Iv check the Fets and all ok on that front. I now sure its software thing rather than hardware.

Try reflashing the fc

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Well think im there with the Apex reflashed firmware that seemed to resolve part of it.
And a few good hours down the line i found this…
Thing is you cant see with the naked eye so i recorded on my phone in slow mo :+1:t3: