App to check if you are allowed to fly in live location

Hi all,
I wanted to ask if anyone knows of a good APP that you can use to scope if you are in a no-fly zone area. Planning to go out on a day trip but not sure yet where the wind will take us (see what I did there :slight_smile:?) … not that you want that…

Anyway, I see there is a website that will tell you if you search the location but was wondering if anyone has an APP (iOS) that would tell you based on your current location.

PS: Apologies if this was asked before, I could not find a matching thread topic.

There are no apps that will tell you if you where you can fly, only apps that tell you where you can’t fly.

Does a webapp count?

If so, click this icon on Drone Scene:


The airspace restriction data layer is live / realtime.


Thanks for the hint ! Did not see that there.
It’s a shame though that there is no developed app for something like this …
I suppose the way to view this is that you can fly everywhere BUT with restrictions…

Provided you understand that some of those restrictions prevent you from flying everywhere :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: - absolutely


What advantage do you think an app would offer?

I’ve just tried that and it says ‘Geolocation Error’ even though I’m logged in. It says you need to sign up.

Sounds like you have denied your browser access to your location in your phone settings :blush:

@grahammoore go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services (On) > Safari Websites >

(assuming that’s your browser of choice)

Tried that thanks. I use Opera on a PC and it doesn’t have that option in the settings.

Drone Assist app for iOS works fine for me :slight_smile:


Sorry, I can’t help you.

If you are getting this

Then allow this

And make sure the location setting is activated in the Task bar

Or even better use Firefox its by far a better browser

I think that’s worked! I have Firefox as well but I tend to use Opera for some reason!

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Did you mean something like Drone Assist - now Altitude Angel ?

Same data set as much superior

Hi Opera does hide your ip in settings ,that could be the reason but I’m no expert.

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