Appley Tower Video

Hi all,

I am happy to finally be able to get out and get some new footage, really just to get flying again, thank god a weekend without rain! :blush:

This time a short flight around Appley Tower on Ryde’s sea front (Appley Beach), please view and comment at you leisure.


I was trying to figure out what the building was for, the rest of the building was demolished so why did they leave just that bit I wonder?

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I love the aerial shots and the music gives it an incredible touch. Could you recommend or tell me the name of the music Sure if it’s not a bother

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Hi Valeria,

The music called Action Drums by Scott Holmes Music and can be downloaded royalty free from there website, just google the name.

Thanks for viewing my video.

The tower was built in 1875 purely for ornamental purposes by Sir William Hutt and was part of the Appley estate owned by the family. The tower is one of only two parts of the original buildings remaining in what is now Appley Park.

A more detailed history can be found at

Thank you for viewing my video.

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