Arducopter, Config error: BARO problem

I’m experiencing this error message when connecting Mission Planner to my ArduCopter quad using USB cable:

Config error: Baro: unable to initialise driver

I’m running latest 'Copter, can’t remember version but downloaded just a week ago
It set-up nicely, had a few short flights, but now won’t connect MP due to this message.
Used various USB cables, (proved good before)
Used various power-up sequences.
Rebooted laptop, WIN10 BTW

FC is Holybro Kakute F7 AIO v1.5
No sensors powered from the USB, so no GPS, Compass, RC Rx powered when on USB only.
(wondered about this as the external compass is on same i2c bus as the onboard BARO, but still same when LiPo powered)

Tonight I’ll try connecting a SiK telemetry radio and try booting through that.
But at the moment I just can’t connect, so can’t set tuning parameters :frowning:

Anybody have any similiar experience?
All help very gratefully received
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve only ever used APM’s and Pixhawk FC’s with Mission Planner. There has been the odd occasion when W10 has misidentified the device and loaded the wrong driver. In the Mission Planner folder there is a Driver Subfolder, if the Kakute driver isn’t in there it will most likely be found in the GitHub repository.

Beyond the above I fear I maybe less use than a chocolate fireguard.

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If you suspect a driver/dll is missing in Win10 then try an app. called Dependencies.

In the past I used its predecessor called Dependency Walker to find exe/dll dependencies which were either missing or wrong version.
If the Dependencies gui is anything like DW then you’ll be able to identify any error quickly due to its colour highlighted interface, you won’t have to spend a day reading the manual.

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