Are non-DJI goggles compatible with DJI drones?

Random question which was posed to me by my cousin who currently flys rc planes and fpv he is considering buying a mavic ( model yet to be decided)

His question is, if he is to purchase a DJI drone would his none DJI fpv goggles be compatible?

I have never flown fpv but with my limited knowledge I gave the following answer

I doubt it because the DJI GO, GO4 or Fly app would be required to view the footage and operate the camera functions :man_shrugging:

Am I close or way off the mark?


You’re correct. He wouldn’t be able to use them.


Better off keeping the non-DJI goggles and getting a non-DJI drone :slight_smile:


There is a possibility but it is a real bodge. If the mobile device has a HDMI out and his goggles have HDMI in then yes it can be done.

Alternatively 3rd party APPs such as Litchi, VR Pro, and Maven, will work with cheap VR goggles.

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I doubt he’d be happy with the lag though

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Very true, especially if he wants to fly at speed, but for slow cinematic framing it should be OK. I use the VR goggle method with my Spark and Anafi. The Anafi is quite fun to fly in RACE mode as the roll axis of the gimbal is locked and the pitch axis is still controllable, a poor mans DJI FPV Drone in Sport mode.

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