Are there any FPV meets in South London (e.g. Mitcham/Croydon)?


Interested to know, is anyone going to, or be interested in going to, some kind of regular meets in the South London area? I’m primarily interested in flying FPV, most likely racing when I’m experienced enough (currently, like many, I have quite a lot of sim stick time but not IRL stick time) - but anything would be interesting.

Somewhere like Round Shaw Downs might be a suitable location (there’s a disused runway and everything, could be perfect for a race course).

Also interested in indoors - tiny whoop racing for example.

If there’s nothing like this going on already, is there any interest in an event being organised?

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Hi there, yes would be keen to meet other pilots in the area, also planning to join the box hill Heli club near Leatherhead. Interested in cruising around but also in the challenge of racing eventually but sharing ideas, tips and a laugh is high on the agenda for me.


If you were to go to Round Shaw Downs, you might find a black and purple 3" in the shrubbery … oooooppsss. But you’ll also find some fixed wing models, 3D helis and camera drones as well of a Saturday (they were all there today - I’d guess members of the local Croydon Airport Model Flying Club).

I am away at the moment but back on the last weekend of august so weather permitting, I’ll come round with whatever I have that flies if anything is happening

I’m up for a meet some day, my family live in South London and have a cousin who lives in Mitcham so I tend to go visit when I can. I have 3 air gates to help with a course.

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