Areas to Fly around Kettering Northants

Happy to travel but nearer the better…Still looking at investing in a DJI Air 2S just want a realistic feel for how much use I could get from it.

I am probably going to be an over cautious beginner so really want safe and legal places to use the Drone.

My interest really is getting out… Lost my pet some months ago… Happy I can now walk safely on my lawn(poo free zone) just looking for a different excuse to get out more!.. I hear a few saying you don’t need excuses…may be but its a big help.

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I’d recommend joining one of the local RC clubs close to Kettering, such as Corby, Wellingborough or Market Harborough.

They are all BMFA affiliated clubs, the BMFA have recently introduced a new policy aimed at drone flyers only to enable joining at any time of the year.

Contact the BMFA for full details, they also will include you CAA registration if you have done the test.

“You’re more than welcome to fly as my guest” at my club in Corby, you’ll be fully insured to fly while you check out our facilities.

Let me know if you’re interested….:slightly_smiling_face:

Hmm very interested…All new to me.

I can let you know when I’m heading out to fly, we are in Brigstock at the Gliding Club, loads of open space.

That would be very helpful. Cheers

Glebe park on Stamford road, green belt down Deeble road, further afield, north side of Harringworth viaduct and disused airfield at Hannington. Welcome and enjoy the hobby.

Oh Good was starting to think that there was not going to be anywhere very close. Thanks…

@RichardBoreham I’ve edited your earlier post and removed your mobile phone number from public view.

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I use the green belt between Ise Lodge and Kettering nice when the kids come out of school it gets a bit busy

Live on the ise lodge, 2 mins walk away. Great during school hours just to keep your hand in. Now got a bike to go a bit further afield. Seeing how that pans out.

I like to fly a long Wold road in Burton Latimer over the files and near the windmills,

A shot from last year