Argos Leading The Way

There has been so much talk about the need to take the online CAA test to continue legally flying our drones. One point that was made a number of times by members was the need for companies that sell drones to the public to make anyone buying one fully aware that they would need to register with the CAA and take an online test etc.

Now at the bottom of the page on any drone sold on the Argos web page is the small print that fully explains the need to register and take the online test. I have had a look on Amazon and some other sites and I have found no mention of any need to register or take the test.

I wonder why that is the case? Do companies like Amazon fear it might affect sales? Or do they simply feel as there is no law enforcing them to do so, why should they? I am sure most of us would like to see all sellers make anyone buying a drone now fully aware of the changes in the laws here in the UK

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Think Argos are a Dronesafe approved retailer.

Should also get a copy of drone code and leaflet on registration.


Yet you can buy a TV with no mention of the legal requirement to have a licence.

An offence that currently carries a custodial sentence.

They could quite easily make you have to provide an operators ID before purchase, like a car dealer will ask for proof of insurance before letting you drive a car away

*and I’m against the stupid registration thing


Yes I notice that when I nearly bought a new M-Air brand new They had it on offer Flymore in Red for £800 it’s a while back now

I think it’s actually been there for some time now

Well, having just had a quick look, the Argos app says, ‘WARNING: See drone licencing information below” and has no ‘below’.

Amazon have a nice Fly Responsibly hazard sign and a link to a page full of info about flying responsibly in the UK and links to the DroneSafe site.

Do you work for Amazon :joy:

If just looked up on Apple mobile and got what you did and couldn’t find it even in the check out system

But it does show up on my IPad

Sometimes Argos move things around and it’s not until someone notices it then they put it right

lol… nope… but I know what you mean… on a similar level I find it annoying how Amazon doesn’t show their ’AutoRip’ qualifying CDs on their apps, but do on their site (but then I’m drifting off-topic now)

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Personally I couldn’t give a toss if they don’t show you have to register ! Perhaps if loads of people didn’t in the first place they would of done something else , bit like electric scooters you not allowed to use them on the road there is hundreds of them in london wizzing about
No one is doing anything about it
This site is getting like a lawyers forum
Just go fly ffs


And bad ones at that ;o)


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Surely A Public Forum, Chat Room, call it what you will Should be open to all types of thinkers? Of All types of intellect and with differing backgrounds that shape the way they think & feel? And perhaps more importantly can IF We So Choose Can shape ours too!

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