Around Dunoon


Funny old day. Went to Dunoon to use the drones to help find a dog lost in a forest. The gorgeous dog turned up safe and sound not long after I got there. So instead of hours of 4K footage of forests to look through, I got to go any play. Beautiful place.
The Mavic 2 is insanely good in a breeze, it was about 25mph and she was rock steady.


Nice pictures, all that open space to fly in too :grinning:

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Thanks, it’s almost too easy, in that it’s easy to forget about developing a good technique and strategy.

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It’s a shame my one time in Dunoon was about 1 month before my first Phantom2+GoPro drone. :frowning:

Oh - wait! It was pissing with rain and blowing a hoolie … :wink:


Some great shots there Kev

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Nice pics, shame I’m so far away. Might have to see if the wife fancies a weekend away.

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Great photos @knewt - the Coastal Flyer badge is winging its way to your profile!

And even better news on finding the missing dog :bowing_man:


Definitely worth a visit. Well set up for tourism too, but in a quaint way, not a gaudy way.

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I still can’t believe how good the Mavic is in a blow. It was 25mph and still did pano shots. Incredible.


Nice to see your Dunoon pics, my home town!
I lost my P4 there into the sea last summer… Took me 2 months to find it but I eventually did with UW camera. Didnt work after that funnily enough


Done-in in Dunoon.

Did you determine the cause of the ditching?


Undercarriage looks OK :+1: :upside_down_face:


It just crumbled into pieces - must be the salt water! 3 props were ok but who would re use them!

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I’d have thrown it back in
Burial at sea and all that…

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You shouldn’t have put it in a bag of rice :grinning: