Article 16 or A2 CofC

Maybe a silly question but after spending a few hours looking at some good videos and articles explaining both very well, with the differences laid out, setting out the pros and cons for different categories of drones a thought occurred to me.
Wouldn’t it be easier just to get an association membership to get Article 16 benefits (as well as PLI) and do an A2 CofC course (to give me a head start on the drone learning curve) or am I missing something.
Thank you in advance :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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Nobody can answer this except you because it depends entirely on what you want to do with your drone, and what drone you have.

But … Good 2 Go will let you test out your likely scenarios against the two qualifications, and see which serves you best:


A16 requires that you fly manually - no autonomous modes such as active track or waypoint. Even pano mode is out.

Given that the UAVhub A2 course is only £49 via the GADC members only forum it is easy enough to have both A2 and A16A.


I went the Article 16 (with FPV UK) route with A2 CofC and its covered most of my requirements - flying and PL insurance.

As @kvetner has already stated - Good2Go is your friend. Spend a little time playing with options and the types of flights you want to do and it’ll give you a good understanding of what you need personally. :+1: :+1: :+1:


I have both. And since getting my A2 CofC, I’ve used it precisely once, and my Article 16 plenty of times. The 50m horizontal separation for the A2 CofC with a legacy/transitional drone makes it useless for most of my purposes, although I’m glad I did the learning. If there’s anyone on this group who is finding their A2 CofC regularly useful, I’d be interested to hear in which places and situations.


I was, and still am, a member of the BMFA long before this ridiculousnesses was contrived, so I’m covered by Article-16.

I feel this authorisation provides greater privileges than the A2COC if your intent is to fly for recreational purposes only. It permits the use of heavier craft, and more lenient requirements when it comes to distances from uninvolved persons, than the A2COC provides in similar situations.

If I felt the urge to fly for commercial gain I have a Mini2, and could apply for the suitable and required insurance cover.


One point above re Article 16 which should be corrected is that you CAN use Pano mode as the drone is not travelling through the air by itself. It is stationary and merely rotating. I confirmed this with FPV UK and it is included in their explanatory documents and infographics (which I contributed to).


thx for that.i assumed as aircraft under software control when taking panorama it fell outwith a16a

That is the one I got wrong on the A cert test, thought it was an autonomous mode.