Ashover Rock

Back in April I walked up to Ashover Rock to take some footage. I’m afraid the panning is a bit fast - I didn’t know about the Mini 2 not going into Cine mode from take-off. The ending is a bit sudden as well, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of editing eventually.


well i like it and the music. im still wating to fly my one i had planed to fly it yesterday but had my 2nd jab on friday and yesterday it knocked me for 6, hopefull soon

Take a look at @ianinlondon lovely video and slow down/smooth out the gimbal settings

Yes, I’d set all the cine mode settings to be as smooth as possible - the problem is that if you take off with the controller set to “cine” the drone stays in N mode all the time, and yet the screen indicates that you are in C mode.

So after taking off set it to N mode then back to C mode.

Or failing that set it N mode B4 you take off.


Yes, that’s what I do, but it would be helpful if DJI told you about this rather than having to learn it from YouTube videos.

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You can tell by the way it flies, cine is like flying in thick treacle, where as normal is just treacle.

Sport is runny treacle :wink: