Ass twitchy

Flying this evening in local fields the controller starts beeping like crazy. What at I say to myself! And keep trying to fly.

Upon review

Yet another pair of pants now have to go in the bin! Really don’t like these ass Clentching moments.


/crosses @McSteamy2010 off the list of people trusted to fly my drones


Really don’t blame you. :rofl::rofl:

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Next challenge, hit a HV power line.

Bonus points for having close misses


Well Rich,someones gotta fly your drones,as you don,t… :grimacing: :grimacing: :rofl: :rofl:


I can see the reason for the title now :grimacing: at least it was a close call and not a disaster mate. I think you should have bought a lottery ticket this week though :four_leaf_clover: Lucky bugger :grin:

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Also had my ass saved whilst flying through a gap by the MP2 sensors. Detected a wire I didnt see and slammed the brakes on. Missed it by a narrow margin like you!

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I had to re calibrate the sensors a few days ago, so glad I did.

Aahhhg! “bit disappointed, thought the title was them women that do the bum thing” Or is it “twerp”…:thinking:

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