Astley Castle - Added to Castles & Fortifications in the West Midlands region on the map at

I have just added this to the UK Map of places to fly your Drone at

More a fortified manor house than a true castle.


Literally about a mile from me as the drone flies👍

I’ve flown here too :grin:


I was here as part of my stag do nearly 28 years ago before it was renovated into a holiday let. It was ruins back then, i will try and find the pics out and scan them in. We had a small fire in the ruins and drank all night after a long day…

Oh to be young again.

Surprised this didn’t get culled in the last DroneScene sanity check to be honest. Very little info.

It would be very difficult now to TOAL where the original marker is. As others have stated it’s now a holiday let and pretty much all the land around is not public. There are no public paths through the site that I’m aware of.

I’ve flown here too :grin:

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