Autel Evo button bumpers

I’m determined to get some Autel Evo content on to this forum :smiley:

First mod, well, second, first mod was the CS bracket but I’ll post about that one another day.

Button Bumpers!

Just some 3D printed rings really :rofl:

They come with a strip of sticky tape that you have to cut to shape yourself (hence me not recommending this seller):

Once the sticky stuff is cut to shape you simply stick them over the A-B buttons on the back of the controller to prevent accidental presses.

Why would that be an issue?

Because for some reason, these buttons are not yet user-definable and pressing one of them (I forget which) by accident launches an Alexa-style voice command process where you can verbally tell your drone to RTH and stuff :man_shrugging:

Anyway, there’s light at the end of that programmable-button tunnel as the new instruction manual that came out with the new firmware the other day says:

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 20.54.52

More Evo mods as they happen!