Autel Evo Lite + sample pictures

As promised here are a couple of photos I took during last Fridays first flight. They are both edited from RAW originals and cropped to 16:9 with a bit of tweaking to highlights and shadows plus some sharpening. There still seems plenty of detail left for me to wreck. :smiley:


Any chance you can upload the sample raw files?

I hadn’t realised this site could take .dng files. I’ll give it a go as soon as I can but am tied up (metaphorically) at present. :smiley:

.dng won’t upload - and wouldn’t display as images if you could.

I think @clinkadink was wanting to “play with them”. :wink:

So - if you zip them, and upload the .zip (up to 50MB), they can be downloaded for anyone to tinker with … if that’s OK with you.

We used to use this all the time for *.dng’s, when the weekly comp was on.

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I know this doesn’t show the image but it does seem to store the file so you can download it. I think, from my aged memory that WeTransfer need email addresses so thought I’d try this first.
MAX_0002.DNG (38.6 MB)

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You will see, if it does download, that the original is criminally over exposed. It was the first manual exposure still I took and didn’t have the histogram on with bright sun washing out my screen. My view is that the camera must have a good dynamic range for me to be able to rescue so much info. from the highlights.

You can create a sharing link in WeTransfer without a recipient email address.

That’s the great thing about the RAW (.dng) images … they permit a load of non-destructive adjustment. eg …