Auto discharge on Mavic 2 Pro batteries


How do I set the auto discharge on my Mavic 2 Pro batteries?


In Go4 - with the M2P connected to the RC/device - select the ••• at top right, then the battery option on the menu … and it’s about the 6th item under there.

Need to do it for each battery, I think. (So long since I set mine on the MP I can’t remember.)

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yes … it’s only applied to the battery that’s on the drone … so you have to go through this procedure for every one.


Thank you

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I don’t think you can change it on Mavic 2.

I couldn’t find it but let me know if you work it out.

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I do seem to recall someone else mentioning that … now that you do.

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Well, they say you learn something new every day…

I never knew that… :+1:t2:

Was very aware of firmware updates per battery etc but it didn’t even cross my mind re discharge settings. I shall check this out on my Inspire too.

And I didn’t know that either… :face_with_monocle:

So that’s me in credit now, I don’t need to learn anything tomorrow :blush:

So what does the MP2 default to? 10 days?

Can it be changed with a direct parameter mod? :thinking:

Re for MP yes… I had to do it for each battery .
Would be nice if you could just set it once on the drone and that setting gets applied to all batteries as soon as they powered up the drone.

Not sure.

It’s a battery parameter rather than AC so not even sure how you’d even go about it.

oh gawd for fear of having rotten veg thrown my way…why would one want to discharge the batteries?

*runs for cover under the dog

Because they’re bloody expensive and they retain a better life expectancy and performance if not stored for long periods at full charge. :wink:

Aaaah. ok Thankyou for that.

I usually charge them up in between flights, where I try and give them run once a week. Should I be discharging instead of charging ?

If I know I won’t be flying for a week or so (like currently - with the crap weather forecast) I just leave them to eventually auto discharge and then recharge the day before I hope to fly again.
On the MP (and most others) you can set the number of days before they discharge … I think I have mine set to 5 days.

Checking them (with a short press of the button) will re-start the clock until they start to discharge … I seem to recall.


Being a bit backward in battery maintenance appreciation it hadnt crossed my mind to consider the need to discharge them. :see_no_evil:

I assume setting the days to discharge is in the Go4 App ?

btw, thanks for the info here! #Learningalways

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Yes - need to start up with each battery in turn and set on each.

They will have a default set (can’t recall how many days - 5 or 7) so no real need to change unless you are (a) curious to see what they are set to or (b) have a specific preference/need.

Three- dots top right - then select the battery icon in the menu - it’s in there … :+1:

Edit: Ah - you have the M2P … so I believe it’s an unchangeable parameter for that one.

Ah I see. So already set then? Dont want us dabbling in battery magic then. Ta DJI!


Pretty much.

Anyway - you can check if it’s there - but, from what I recall others saying, it has been removed from our dabbling.


Cool. Will do. Cheers again :ok_hand: