Automatically take a picture every 2 Seconds with M2P

Team GADC, I need some advice. Can anyone tell me where the settings are on a Mavic 2 Pro where I can set the camera to automatically take a JPG every 2 seconds?

I don’t want to turn it into a Hyperlapse or anything but I am doing some testing with some 3D models, and been able to do the 3D model from above using DroneDeploy but saw a YouTube video where you can get better definition on the sides of buildings by flying around the building taking a shot every 2 seconds. For the life of me I cannot find the settings apart from the where it will take the imaged but then process it into a Hyperlapse.

If anyone can provide me with an idiots guide it would me much appreciated


In the photo settings you are able to set single, burst or timed shot

Press the 3 lines under the shutter button then the camera icon, then the photo setting

Time is an option for 2s through to 60s interval


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Although there’s nothing magical about a 2-second interval. The key for photogrammetric modelling is a good overlap on the edges of all photos. For professional work, an overlap of around 70% is recommended - less may be ok for other purposes. Variation in angle of the photo also leads to better resolution of surface texture.

Thanks @milkmanchris. I will test it out later today when I can drag myself away from the desk.

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Thanks @kvetner when I was doing the imaging yesterday I was conscious of that but having to take each picture manually I think took the eye off the ball trying to get position angle and click. If I can remove the click bit I only have to concentrate on position and angle.

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