Autopilot For Mavic 2

Hello there

Does anyone know if there are any Autopilot plans to include the Mavic 2 as a supported drone?



I would imagine they are the people to ask?

Looked at it some time ago, as I did DroneHarmony, but decided Litchi was a far better solution and far better supported.
Indeed - they had M2 support out within a few weeks of the model being released.

Hi OzoneVibe

I tried to send them a couple of emails but no reply whatsoever which makes me wonder if the app is being further developed at all…
I also use Litchi but with my previous drone which was a P4 I felt that i had better result with Autopilot rather than Litchi. Not just smoother camera moves but also more accurate GPS coordinates. I was hoping to do a test with my new Mavic 2 only to find out that Autopilot dos not support it. Oh Well, let’s wait to see what happens…

Thank you for your reply


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