Autumn colours at the Festival Gardens, Liverpool

Dodging the weekend showers, I was fortunate enough to catch the back end of this year’s autumn leaves…


Lovely shots there @Geoff.C
You should pick your favourite and enter it in the RTF Autumn Colours competition :wink:

Thanks … I just have

Hope you vote for me :grinning:

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Glad to hear it Geoff :slightly_smiling_face:

Lovely pics @Geoff.C is this near Otterspool promenade? Iv not seen this location before?

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Lovely pics Geoff :+1:

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Thanks @TonyDM - it is on the waterfront, south of Otterspool, just before you get to The Britannia pub


Nice colours Geoff…rain a d wind sure has stopped play lately.

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Must be the old Liverpool Garden Centre great colours.

It sure is @barryb