Availability of smart controller

I placed an order for the SC at jessops early June, still waiting and no eta from them.
Being the theorist that I am I started researching the availability and seems most of Europe and the states have same problem since June.
So! seems mr Trump imposed a technology embargo on China in early June, meaning they cannot import any electronics ie; microprocessors, electronic components that could be used by the military applications, I believe the components in the SC fall under this category :unamused:
A few places in the states have them but very inflated price tag,
So looks like it might be a long wait for anyone wanting one.
I’d cancel my order with jessops but because it was ordered same time as M2P and fly more kit I got a realy good price on it, as tempting as it is to cancel and get some goggles instead I realy do want this ( only caus I’ve heard it’s a must have extra)

If they had made it with a bigger screen I might have been interested, I got the high brightness 7.85" CrystalSky instead.

@AprilCoon I realy should do more research on these controllers, I keep hearing the crystal sky one being recommended.
I realy don’t know which would be best to get, I am definitely confused :thinking: :confused:

I don’t think the US embargo should affect UK/Europe so much. I think there are other factors affecting availability. I have both SC and CSC for a few months now but very little use because of weather and other circumstances. Blowin’ a gale again today. Flyin’ windows very narrow round here and I live next to an airport so have to travel 10 miles before I can do anything legally and safely.

I would check with Jessops when they expect delivery. I have dealt with Drones Direct who are very good and next day delivery free if they have it and have had some sales recently. I just had a quick look and they are advertising Sept 3rd delivery for the SC. I would guess Jessops may have similar delivery expectations so maybe hang on a bit.

Presumably you have a DJI controller? If so I would stick with it for now and wait. I bought the SC/Mavic 2 Pro Flymore pack combo. I wouldn’t say an SC or a SCS are must haves. I probably got carried away with enthusiasm and the standard DJI controller would have been OK for my projected usage. The only caveat is that I’m not keen on the wedging of a too large phone or small tablet in the controller. A decent mount like I have for the SCS and a smallish tablet would be better IMO. On the other hand that combo would be quite expensive but at least if you had say an Ipad Mini or similar tablet you would just need a decent mount. .
I see that the new DJI all singing all dancing FPV goggles were slated as out of stock on the day of release despite the welter of publicity post launch and still no sign - not that I would want to spend nearly £1000 for my usage.

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Welcome to Grey Arrows @johnbirt :wave:t2:

I also ordered smart controller in June but cancelled order because they had a better deal on in July used some discount codes and got it for £405 I will wait because of this price

Well today I cancelled order with jessops, they still can’t give me availability date.
Thought long and hard about this and after all it’s only for pleasure so sticking with standard controler, it does the job fine for me but ordered a tablet holder and new cable, seemed cheep as chips!
So this will give me the larger display.

Might order the hood if needed as well + now have £520 to play with :smiley:

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Seems the UK took a rather large delivery of Smart Controllers today :smiley:

Both Heliguy and Hobby Mounts now have stock:

You heard it here first!