Avata 2 Crosswind

Not sure if this in the correct category, I’ve had my Avata 2 a couple on months and I appreciate it’s meant for mainly low level and fast. I’ve experienced a couple of times when flying higher the Avata2 is affected by crosswind and flies slanted. I have calbrated everyting and this only happens a bit higher up +50m with a moderate wind. In the same conditions my Mini 3 Pro flies level and straight. Any ideas?

Guess it just about counts as FPV lol.

Yeah the avatas are quite under powered really. They great machines, but doesn’t take a lot for them to be tilted. Is it affecting your video a lot? I’ve flown the og avata a lot in a lot higher winds (mainly for speeding along) and they cope well, just don’t do sudden jerky moves really, they have a habit of losing control. If not in manual mode wouldn’t worry too much

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And the mini 3 hasn’t got big plasitc rings around the props acting as wind catchers :+1:t2:

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It won’t be, its got a 3 axis gimbal so the camera will appear straight and stable

If you use the compass it will show you the tilt angle of the Mini 3

The Avata only has a 1 axis gimbal

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was also going to add that the Mini 3 pro will not be flat and level due to its gimbal - its crazy when you see one in flight how much they move around in the wind but the gimbal does all the work to keep that video level.

I have seen my Avata do the same thing in the sky - behaving like the mini 3 but because the gimble only goes up and down it too is on the slant.

Your best bet is to use something like Gyro Flow or during your edit you can rotate the footage with a bit of counter rotation to level things out.

But I would say this is quite normal with the Avata / Avata 2 and generally any drone that has a 2 access ( up / down ) style of gimbal

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Thanks both, I can live with that but my biggest problem is that it doesn’t fly straight in a crosswind and my videos end up in a weaving action. It flies straight in low wind.

Head tracking will help that

Bit gimmicky but effective in your scenario

As a newbie and Mini 2 SE flyer, I am in awe of the effectiveness of the 3-axis gimbal, an amazing piece of kit that has to react instantaneously to correct any buffetting by gusts of wind. I flew it at 300’ last week on a blustery day, videoing, and the app warned me that I should land immedieately because of high winds; I brought it down to 100’ at which point things settled down a bit, but you could see it being knocked around and correcting on the GPS. The app screen image, and the video, were absolutely rock steady throughout, even at the higher altitude. Now, this is what DJI say their drone will do and it would be perfecly reasonable to take it for granted, but I just can’t. It’s amazing, and as I said, I’m awe-struck by it.

I’m pretty awe-struck by the drone’s performance overall as well; the GPS is superb and it does exactly what it says on the tin, effectively and easily; kudos DJI! There are many products that don’t…

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You can use horizon lock when shooting and that stablizes the footage pretty well. Not suitable for all shots though

Hi, this is quite common on all ducted drones or drones with guards. These are known as pusher drones as the propeller force is reversed to a normal drone and this also affects stability and performance in high wind situations. Works brilliantly for what it is designed for and that is cinematic shots just not high level shots. Pushers are designed for tight or indoor filming. Pushing down reduces the effect of air being bounced of walls and alike so it gives a more stable and steady operation.

Different beast to the Avatas

Not sure this is correct as the OG Avata is a pusher and the Avata 2 is a puller - and we’re talking Avata 2 here. :man_shrugging:

Not sure this is correct either as the airflow must be downwards to create lift which is not related to pusher or puller drones design. :man_shrugging:


the difference between the 2 is the way the motors are mounted, that’s all. The props will be mounted in the same orientation on both. Pushers have the motors mounted upside-down on top of the props. pullers have the props mounted on top of the motor. But in both cases, the props will remain the same way up.

I think the original issue is caused by the avata not having a 3 axis gimbal as stated by @Sparkyws a few posts back :+1:t2: