Avebury in Snow (Insta360 X3)

And no, I’m not taking a leak on a 5,000 year old sarsen stone :joy:


One of my fav places. Great to see in monochrome.:+1:

Cheers, Simon. 100% agree, it’s an amazing place … with loads more on the doorstep :+1:

“And no, I’m not taking a leak on a 5,000 year old sarsen stone”

Liar liar bums on fire :fire:

Great photo
How do you save the 360 image like that

Get yourself a Kuula account (free) and search the forum loads of threads on how to post

I have been using a insta 360 camera for a few years for a variarty of things mainly underwater. I have used it with a zip wire for drone like shots duri g fotball etc. Its one of the best toys I have used apart from my drone obviously. HAPPY CHRISTMAS WH3N WE G3T TO IT

Couldn’t resist doing an interpretation.:+1:

That’s amazing, Simon :star_struck::dizzy: What did you use to get this effect :thinking:

Glad you liked the interpretation. I used Adobe Capture to render the photo into a high contrast image and then Procreate to do all the colouring and effects. I work on an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil.

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