Aysgarth Falls

A few i took with the mini 2 at Aysgarth Falls last week


Did you get any video or just the stills?
I’m curious as I recently took some at the Nantcol Falls

I got a small video because ive never really done video and also it was a little windy

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Great shots, but they look very low resolution on my PC monitor. Are you sure they’re not low-res previews from the phone?

If you hover over the lower edge of the image you can see the resolution …


There will only nbe a thumbnail visible within the post - and clicking on it will load the full resolution.

Thanks, I saw that, and I was viewing them full-res. I also downloaded one, and same problem.

I see what you mean, when looking at full res.

Yep, these are low res because i saved them back to my phone from my facebook upload… i will delete this post and re do it when im on pc

Or edit your original post with the hi-res pics?


First post updated - others deleted.

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cheers :smile:

Thanks, that’s better :smile: