B and B and drone flying in Scotland

Anyone know of good places to fly in Scotland with nearby B and B or Hotels once all restrictions are ended. I live in Northern Ireland but will be travelling over to Scotland and Northumbria in June, hopefully. Quite difficult to get info from Councils etc over here to fly drones. No bye-laws in place in a lot off instances. Thanks

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There are plenty of B&Bs in the Pitlochry area but I can’t give you a personal recommendation for any as I usually stay in nearby Blair Atholl at a friend’s caravan or the Atholl Arms Hotel. Outside of the built-up areas there is any amount of wide open space and stunning scenery. I’m due to go at the end of June too, restrictions permitting.

Thanks for the info. Seems the Scots are a little more relaxed when it comes to drone flying and right to roam.


I go to Balloch and Loch Lomond and Trossachs there is a lot of B&B places there just outside Glasgow’s Congested Area just search for Loch Lomond & Trossachs but I always check and use NATS OR FLYSAFE TO MAKE ME LEGAL and also have my insurance in place before hand keep safe & happy flying

It is easier to think where you want to fly… need to check with RAF if flying in highlands but so many amazing places… NC500 would be great trip with some amazing flying… will be my next trip…

Wanted to do 500 when I had motorhome. May go up there in the summer after lockdown lifted. Nice area of UK.

Thanks for that. Will go up later in year to trossachs after tourist season. Hopefully much quieter then.

Had planned to do NC500 last year or this but lock down put a block on that.
Hopefully, next year.
A tip to try and avoid the midges. Go before mid May or September onwards!


Good advice. Those mini midges are a pain.

I think the NC500 is a bit overrated tbh and maybe about 150 plus miles isn’t that great . Personally I’d stick to the west coast with the hills lochs and do some island hopping and don’t miss the stunning Ardnamurchan peninsula (many overlook it) …

And John o’groats is a long way to go to get your photo taken with a sign and drive back … a bit like lands end in that respect …stop at Dornoch! Lol

And yes I realise many will think differently but this is my ,possibly biased, opinion as a Glasgow , west coast , boy :wink:

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Just buy your midge net IN Scotland …the ones you buy outside Scotland are usually too wide a mesh …