Bad contact in GPS connector, want buy a replacement but don't know what it's called

I’ve found that my GPS (Beitian bn220) not working is due to a bad contact in this connector. I sometimes manage to get a connection by pushing the wires in and then get a GPS showing in OSD and a fix.

Is it possible to fix it or do I need to change it ? It looks like a SH 4 pin connector but even looking at the GPS full spec doesn’t say what kind of connector it is. Thanks for any help.

Hi Olivier it should be a micro jst sh 1mm 4pin connector like these

But when you go to wire it up just double check the colours as the ones I ordered a while back (not the ones in the link above) had the red and black wires the wrong way around so I had to pop the pins out the connector and pop them back in


Here is a UK supplier, BUT you will deffo need to swap the wire colours to suit the BN220


Thanks guys for confirming. I take it from what you say that I should be able to open the current connector and try to fix the bad contact or just change just the connector before I attempt to unsolder current wire from FC and solder a new one ? I have 0 soldering experience and still waiting for my mamba soldering practice boards.

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No harm in trying swapping just the connector to start with. :+1:t2:

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Looking at your pics above it looks like there might be some damage to the ground wire

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