Bad day flying is better than a good day in the office

Early days still with my Mavic 2 Pro but wandered up to the North Downs today and happened upon this rather lovely church looking out across the valley.

Had a mixed day flying as it was windy and I missed the opportunity to mess about with creative shooting modes, might share some footage at some point.

In the meantime…

Hope you enjoy…



Where was this?

Evening Alex, this was St Martha’s Hill. Its near Guildford/Woking way…It’s on the map. Steep hill leading up to the Church from the car park but do-able.

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Nice shots butch, :heart_eyes:

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Do you think it is possible for me to get there?

Isn’t this the same place you were asking over in your post looking for places to fly in Guildford ?

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I’m not sure Alex, It is a steep wooded path. There is some quite deep sandy soil around the front of the castle which may prove problematic for chairs and trikes but at the back its a fairly solid wooded path, I expect you can get up there as long as someone its with you to make sure its safe.

I am not experienced with wheelchairs and accessibility so really cannot tell if its OK or not, any one else? I’m not sure how far you are from there. I wouldn’t want you to go a long way and find you can’t get up there. You could launch from the car park but would lose VLOS very quickly so its a risk.

I would get my dad to go with me… possible now?

Check out this, might be worth giving them a ring (I wouldn’t mention the drone, just you’d like to photograph the place)


Some nice pics there, well done. Think my favourite is the last one… Nice and moody :+1:

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Good idea Chris hadn’t thought of that

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Excellent shooting - caught the “mood” very nicely.
Me and my MPP are crying in Anglesey - 30mph winds gusting to 45 - drone is like a cat looking out of the window with sad eyes lol Its “Mary Poppins” weather - go out and your blown away. :sleepy:

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Feel for you…lucky you don’t have a Mavic Mini, you’d never see it again. Those that bought the mini in the UK must be kicking themselves over the fact that there is probably only 3 days in the year when it can be flown without losing it…


So I went on their website and it says: Not suitable for wheelchair users or those with limited mobility

Yeah the link I posted said as much :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m going to try Camber Castle

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Finally got around to editing the footage…


Nice job Richard


Beautifully shot video mate, really enjoyed watching that :ok_hand:

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