Ballochmyle viaduct ayrshire

Quick flight today at viaduct up road from me, bit windy for my liking though so cut short.

The Ballochmyle Viaduct is the highest extant railway viaduct in Britain. It is 169 feet (52 m) high, and carries the railway over the River irvine East Ayrshire, Scotland, close to the towns of Mauchline and Catrine.

Featured in first Mission Impossible.


Excellent flying, bit lucky the train :steam_locomotive:

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Yeah that was lucky.
I heard it coming and tried to get in to a position to follow it side on but was going faster than I expected so settled for a reverse chase.

Worked out quite well.

I’m just up the road from the Welland Viaduct, I’m hoping to catch this years steam train run in June or July.

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Nice one Callum! :+1:

Was it weird flying a quad again after all the recent fixed wing flights?

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Now you mention it, I kept unintentionaly gaining altitude. Turns out I was pushing left stick forward instead of right :flushed:

Disco camera is obviously not a patch on Mavic pro and flying the mavic again I realise just how great a quad it is.

I’m even happy with the camera now, which was never really the case.

Happy days.

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