Bamburgh beach and castle


@Wats_0773 when did you fly there …lots of restrictions on that area when I checked earlier this year

Hey bud I was there at 8 this morning! Indian Jones was long gone lol

I made enquiries before I joined GADC and googled " Bamburgh castle drone policy " and came to a dead end due to restrictions as surrounding land is owned by the estate , requested permission but they refused as filming was taking place ( I thought it would be Vera ! ) anyway they say there is a huge protected nature reserve area but nothing on drone scene …why do we feel we have to sneak around in the early hours to get our shots

This is what I came across

They don’t own the air!? Finding a TOAL is the hard part! I was chatting with a fellow drone enthusiast whilst at Seahouses and we were discussing similar scenarios I have the A2 CofC which gives me slightly more leeway on flying just started the GVC course

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Aye since joining GADC I’ve learnt that some private estates seem to think you cant fly in the air space … I wasn’t sure about the SSSI comment …my thoughts were use the foreshore

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Had the same issues with Raby estates! They refused me access to High Force so I went at stupid o’clock to grab what I needed

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Anyway nice photo, it was awful here at south shields this morning looks like the weather was slightly better up north well done, Wats-0773 1 Bamburgh Castle Estate Nil !


Alnwick castles drone policy !

Cheers bud! I set up on the beach took around 30mins

Any problems with seagulls

Lol I was going there today but ran out of batteries! Stopped at Dunstanburgh Castle and took shots there instead

Your working down my bucket list

Seagulls were an issue at Seahouses flocks flew straight at me! Thought it was in grief twice

Plan was to start here Holy Island and work down, However!!! Lol


any bird problems at Craster Dunstanburgh the castles on a small cliff there …looking forward to photos from your trip today

Dunstanburgh Castle was fine I’ll get Alnwick just be an early start again! I’ll edit the videos and try and do a short which I’ll post

If your planning on doing anything near Alnmouth take care I read on here of a flyer losing signal and when you check on drone scene you will see a big red circle around Boulmer which explains why

Yeh I use altitude angel! I flew in Durham which is dodgy due to the prison! I contacted the local constabulary and informed them of my flyer ID and a rough time I’d be airborne and duration